To My Village

When I first started writing, I only needed my muse and whatever technology was at hand—and for many years that was a portable typewriter that traveled with me wherever I went.  But last year, as I struck out along the path of independent publishing, it became clear that I needed much more: I needed a village. Learning the technology, the applications, the language and the process was both daunting and invigorating.  Being a perfectionist, I spent a lot of time wallowing in indecision and anxiety: my main fear being, “What if I screw it up??”  I needed resources, services, people I could trust to know what they were doing, because I sure didn’t!  I was terrified of the unknown, and I put up strong resistance to each new step.

Now my Flint Hills novels are available as eBooks for the first time, and Romancing Miss Brontë, which I wrote as Juliet Gael, is available for the first time in English outside the U.S. In the process, I’ve ended up with a village. First, there are the thousands of bloggers and independent authors, especially Jane Friedman, whose advice and shared experience make this possible in the first place. Through one of those bloggers, I discovered Brian and Nina Paules at eBookPrep, who turned out eBooks that were beautifully formatted and presented.  Friend and author Joel Goldman sacrificed a pot roast to explain the difference between mobi and epub files, and my trusty web designer Nancy Alpers  put up with far too many hours of waffling. Loyal editor and friend Barbara Daniel pointed me to Sarah Pearson,

previously head of the art department at Random House in London, who worked with me to create lovely, professional covers. Copyeditor Pam Feinstein, referred to me by a gracious production editor I’d worked with, cleaned up my prose and saved me from some embarrassing blunders. In Veronica Citi, I found not only an amazingly talented videographer, but a friend (watch her video book trailer for Firebird here.)  What it took was people who were willing to be open, to explore and share with me.

But, most importantly, the heart of my village is my readers, whose encouragement means everything to me. So, to my village, thank you.

Following her New York Times and international bestseller Firebird and her Flint Hills Novels, Janice brings to vivid life the elegant and secretive world of London’s Savile Row in The Tailor’s Daughter, a richly detailed historical drama full of good Gothic romance, suspense and smartly dressed people.


Her most recent novel, Romancing Miss Brontë, written as Juliet Gael, is a compelling portrayal of one of history’s most beloved literary figures, Charlotte Brontë, author of Jane Eyre. Janice (writing as Juliet again) is currently working on a novel about another literary icon – Mary Shelley, the seventeen-year-old author of Frankenstein who eloped at the age of sixteen with the already-married Romantic poet Percy Shelley.


“Graham is an astute chronicler of sentiment and motive.” Publishers Weekly (Firebird)

“Graham is always and abundantly a good time…the sheer generosity of her invention, and her unfailing ability to create believable characters of every ilk, from the tepid to the grotesque, are nothing short of stunning.” Kirkus Reviews (The Tailor’s Daughter)